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Ethics Board


It is the purpose of the Board of Ethics to provide a method of assuring that standards of ethical conduct and financial disclosure requirements for officers and employees of the City shall be clearly established, uniform application and enforceable, and to provide the officers and employees of the City with advice and information concerning potential conflicts of interest which might arise in the conduct of their public duties.


Member Term Expires
Dr. J.D. Outland 12/15/2018
Dr. Roger Reichmuth 12/26/2019


Location: City Hall
Address: 500 Main Street
Date and Time: As Needed

If you are interested in serving on this board/commission please complete an application. or if you would like more information regarding this board/commission, contact the City Clerk by email or call (270) 762-0300.

Establishment of Ethics Board

Additional Information:

Recent Agenda - January 23, 2014

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