The City of Murray, Kentucky


Lienholder Notification System

Persuant to KRS 65.8801 through 65.8839, the City of Murray has developed and implemented a Lienholder Notification System to provide the public with information pertaining to properties in Murray subject to liens by the City. This System was created in response to KRS 65.8836 and Murray Code of Ordinances §40.41, and should improve communication between the City and individuals or lenders who have equitable interests in the properties listed in the System.

By signing up for this electronic Lienholder Notification System, individuals or lenders will have access to the Final Orders issued by the City of Murray Code Enforcement Board or by the City of Murray Code Officials. The electronic System will send an email at least once per month notifying those registered in the System of new Final Orders entered on a property that they might be interested in so that they can be viewed electronically.

The Code Enforcement Board will issue Final Orders and decide civil fines for violations of:

Kentucky State Statutes (KRS 65.8801-65.8839) provide that the City shall possess a lien on property owned by the person found by a non-appealable Final Order or by a Final Order of the court, to have a committed a violation of a local City Ordinance. A Final Order is an order issued by a Code Enforcement Board; created when the violator neither paid nor contested the citation within seven (7) days; or created because of a failure of the violator to appear at a hearing the violator requested to contest the citation.

Each Registrant is responsible for updating and maintaining its contact information with the City. The City will notify Registrant if there is any evidence of an invalid email address or if the current address is not functional.

For additional information on the Lienholder Notification System, please contact (270) 762-0350 x1148 or view the City of Murray Ordinance 40, Code Enforcement and KRS 65.8801-8839. To contact the City Code Enforcement Officer, contact 270-752-0350 x1130

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