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Water System

Field Operations Manager: Jaimey Erwin, (270) 762-0336
Chief Water Plant Operator: Paul Wood, (270) 762-0345
Plant Tours: Paul Wood, (270) 762-0345


The Murray Water System provides potable water to the City of Murray and portions of Calloway County. The water system serves approximately 8,000 customers, including several outlying water districts. In 2021, the water treatment plant processed 1,246,301,000 gallons of water. Groundwater is used as the raw water source.

A well field, consisting of six wells, pumps water to the plant for treatment. The McNairy Limestone Geologic Formation is the source of raw water. The existing treatment facility was completed in 1992 as a nominally rated 7 MGD plant, however the current production is about 3.33 MGD. The water system is known for providing very good quality of water: soft, and free of taste and odor.

Loss of Water Service

The City of Murray Water System expressly reserves the right to disconnect, confiscate unauthorized devices, and/or discontinue water service or any other connection with or without notice where the City of Murray Water System discovers, finds or is otherwise made aware of any such installation that poses a threat to the public water supply, public health or public safety.

Water Supply

The City of Murray Water System cannot guarantee a specific water pressure, quantity or an uninterrupted supply of water. The supply will be as free from interruptions as is possible. The supply and pressure in the public water system may be affected by main breaks, scheduled repairs, alterations, additions, fire hydrant usage, variations in hydraulic performance and acts of God.

Water Facts

Murray Water System test for Nitrate and Nitrite every year, with none detected currently or in the past.
In case of emergency keep one gallon of water per person a day for three days.
Ice should be rotated monthly. Old ice has air and absorbs freezer odors and flavors.
Irrigation systems: Backflow preventers are required to be tested annually. Property owners can be held accountable if back flow occurs.
Disposing of medication in the waste water system gets passed into the environment. Take your old medications in the original container to the Sheriff's office.
Recycle and reuse your water bottles. Recycling bins are available at Andrus Drive.
A 1/4" hole at 60 PSI leaks out over 295,000 gallons in a month.
A dripping faucet or fixture can waste 3 gallons a day.
Your water usage is measured in gallons through a water meter with a minimum of 2,000 gallons per month.
City of Murray Water Plant produces on average 4,000 gallons a minute during operation.
Yard irrigation systems are required to have backflow prevention and to be tested annually.

There are four storage facilities located through out the city. Under normal operating conditions, they are capable of delivering adequate capacity and water pressure.  

Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention is an essential part of our clean water maintenance,
for keeping our drinking water safe and free from backflow.
Backflow Solutions, Inc. (BSI Online) administers our Backflow Prevention Program,
ensuring backflow prevention devices are installed and maintained in compliance with federal, state and local codes.
For More Backflow Information

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