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City Cemetery

Administrative Contact: Kim Miles
Cemetery Sexton: Tom Emery
Grounds maintenance contact: Ron Allbritten

The historic City of Murray Cemetery is located on the north side of Chestnut St. between 6th and 8th Streets. The cemetery is marked by two gates, one at Beale St. and one at 7th St. A lighted flag marks the Veteran memorial site in the center of the cemetery. Many famous Murray residents are buried on the cemetery grounds dating back to the early 19th century. There are also many unmarked graves in the northern section of the grounds. Today, walkers and joggers commonly enjoy the paved paths for exercising. The cemetery covers 54 acres, has over 10,000 graves, and includes 2 mausoleums. Each cross street is named honoring a former U.S. president. The cemetery is maintained by the City of Murray Street Department.

Maintenance tasks of the City of Murray Cemetery include:

Gravestone Decorations

Taken from City of Murray Code of Ordinances:


(A) No trees and other living flora, other than flowers, may be planted in the City of Murray Cemetery except in those areas designated in an official plan developed by the Cemetery Committee.

(B) Those living memorials presently located in the City of Murray Cemetery are exempt from the prohibition contained in this chapter until such time they are determined by the Cemetery Committee to be unsightly or dangerous, at which time they will be removed by the city.

(C) Decorations shall be allowed only to the extent they do not inhibit mowing or other maintenance activities. Decorations shall be placed on stones or in other areas which do not contribute to problems with maintenance. All artificial decorations located at the base of monuments shall be removed by April 1 of each year. All other decorations located at the base of monuments shall be removed and disposed of one week after replacement unless cared for by the person placing them. The City of Murray assumes no responsibility for missing vases, flowers, or other such decorations.
(§92-983, passed July 9, 1992; §94-1017, passed March 24, 1994)

Plot and Mausoleum Prices

Cemetery Plots
$750.00 - Cemetery Plot Price if buyer owns land in the Murray City Limits
$1,000.00 - Cemetery Plot Price if buyer does not own land in the Murray City Limits

Mausoleum Crypts Garden singles - (one casket)
$2,050.00 - Upper and lower levels
$2,475.00 - Middle levels

Garden true companions - (two caskets)
$3,650.00 - Upper and lower levels
$4,050.00 - Middle levels

Niches - (two urns)
$750.00 - All levels

The purchase price of crypts and niches include the opening and closing of crypts/niches at time of interment and installed name plates with appropriate dates.

City staff will show interested families available cemetery plots. As soon as the family chooses the plot(s) they want, the family makes a request for purchase to the City Clerk's office. After payment is made, a Certificate of Permissive Use is issued for each plot.

Grave excavation for burial is done by private contractors though the funeral home of choice. Gravestone placement is done by the monument company of choice. For cemetery plot availability call City Hall at (270) 762-0300. City Hall staff can assist in guiding you to the location of an owned cemetery plot using in-house ownership maps.

For additional information contact the City Clerk, City Hall, 500 Main Street, Suite A, Murray, KY, 42071. (270) 762-0300 or email.

Cemetery History

The property on which the City of Murray Cemetery has been developed was originally a private family cemetery. The family name was Meloan. The Maupin "Calloway County Cemeteries" book lists Obediah Meloan as the earliest interment for the Meloan family. He is listed as having been born Oct. 2, 1792 and having died April 21, 1859. Three other family members listed are listed as having died in the nineteenth century.

Excerpted from "Interments in Calloway County Cemeteries" by The Calloway County Genealogical Society.