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Here you can find demographic information for the City of Murray.


As of the 2010 Census, the City of Murray has 17,741 residents, up from 14,950 in 2000.  This represents an increase of 18.7% and makes Murray one of the fastest growing cities in Kentucky.

Calloway County's population as of the 2010 Census is 37,191, up from 34,177 in 2000.

The US Census Bureau estimates in July 2012 that 37,655 will live in Calloway County.

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Murray usually does not experience extreme weather conditions such as extreme heat or blizzards, although in the winter of 2002-03, we received 24" of snow, about three times the norm. Summer time in west Kentucky is usually humid with temperatures averaging around 90°F. The summer heat usually peaks in late July, with very little, if any, 100°F+ days. Snow is not rare in west Kentucky, but the area probably receives less than any other part of the state. Snow usually falls between the first of December and about the first of March, although measurable snow has been recorded in October and April. Most snowstorms do not produce anymore than two or three inches of snow, but occasional storms can dump six inches or more.

More Weather Statistics:

Annual average temperature: 58.4°F
Monthly average high temperature: 69.3°F
Monthly average low temperature: 47.5°F
Average yearly precipitation: 49 inches
Average yearly snowfall: 8 inches
Relative humidity: 60%