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Building Department

Marisa Stewart, Building Official

The Building Department is composed of a Building Official and a Building Inspector. Both work hand-in-hand with the Planning, Engineering, and Zoning departments. The purpose of the Building Department is to facilitate the process of proper construction practices in accordance with the state of Kentucky Building Code.

The Kentucky Building Code establishes a standard from which the citizens of Murray and Kentucky can expect to find dependable, accessible structures built. In order to begin construction on any residential or commercial structure (addition or renovation), a building permit application must be completed. Once approvals are in order, and proper fees have been paid, a Building Permit will be issued by the Department of Planning and Engineering Building Official.

Certain Zoning regulations may restrict the type of building allowed at the building site property address. Please check with the Building Department or Zoning Department before beginning, to confirm that the potential building agrees with the Zoning District in accordance with the Zoning District definitions in Section II in the City of Murray Zoning Ordinance. The cost of the Building Permit will be a combination of the estimated construction cost and the total square footage. See the Building Permit Fee Calculator to determine your cost.


The City of Murray Building Department has an active inspection program requiring all new construction and significant remodeling to fall under the requirements of the Kentucky Building Code in order to be occupied. Commercial and Residential are the two main categories of building inspection.

Knowledge of inspection requirements is necessary before securing a building permit.

Inspection Requirements: Commercial (PDF) Residential (PDF)


In order to demolish any commercial or residential structure, a free demolition permit is required through the Building Department. Please come in and fill out the application for a demolition permit prior to any site activity. This allows the Building Department to be abreast of safety concerns and active utility lines in the area.

Click here to view the demolition permit application (PDF).