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The intent of zoning is to minimize conflicts between land uses. This function is carried out by using different zoning classifications pertaining to residential, commercial, industrial, and other land uses. There are numerous classifications within each broad category. Each district has its own permitted principal uses--conditional uses--which require a conditional use permit from the Board of Zoning Adjustments, and prohibited uses. The districts are used to help define and protect existing uses while accommodating growth by regulating lot size, lot coverage, height, setbacks, sign regulations, storm water conveyance and erosion control as well as buffer zones.

Zoning is not necessarily the separation of land uses. It often incorporates traditional neighborhood design which allows for mixed uses within an area, as long as they are complementary to each other. An example would be a small B-1 Neighborhood Business District in the middle of a residential area. Zoning gives individuals a forum to discuss their concerns regarding development. It is designed to be citizen-driven.

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An alternative option is to browse the annually updated, codified version, chapter 156 of Title XV Land Usage (Zoning Code) portion of the City of Murray Code of Ordinances, by visiting the main page of the code of ordinances here to search from the beginning of the entire City of Murray Code of Ordinances.

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