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The City of Murray is offerng curbside recycling service for City Residents. For $15.00 a month you would receive a special 96 gallon container for recyclable items and bi-monthly collection.

By using curbside recycling you save time, gas and reduce vehicle exhaust emissions by saying goodbye to loading up recycling and hauling it to an area drop-off location.

Paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal are products that can be recycled and often these items make up a significant portion of your trash. Recycling reduces your overall amount of trash headed to a landfill and may eliminate your need for an extra trash cart.

Let's all work together to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to conserve our resources and reduce the amount of materials going to a landfill! Sign up today by calling (270) 762-0380 or send an email to and requesting curbside recycling. Please include your name, address, phone number and your Murray Municipal Utilities account number.

Acceptable Items for Curbside Recycling

Plastics #1 and #2
Rinse thoroughly to ensure they are free of contaminants and residue. Remove caps or lids and dispose of them in the trash.

Paper Products
Office paper or "mixed paper" such as:

Cardboard Products
Dry and flatten cardboard boxes. Remove packaging materials like styrofoam, plastic bubble wrap, or liner bags. Break down and flatten ALL boxes

Aluminum Beverage Cans and Steel\Bi-Metal Food & Beverage Cans Only, no scrap metals. Rinse thoroughly to ensure they are free of contaminants and residue. It is not necessary to remove labels.

Unacceptable Materials

Food waste and food soiled material. A pizza box and used paper plates are prime examples of food soiled material.

Needles and medical waste - DO NOT place used needles or any other medical waste in your recycling! Doing so poses a potential health hazard! For proper disposal, please follow these steps.

Paper towels and tissues/Styrofoam (packaging peanuts, "Styrofoam" cups and bowls, etc.)

Plastic bubble wrap, Plastic food wrappers. Plastic bags include grocery; bread; vegetable; dry cleaning, trash and many more. Plastic shopping bags may be recycled at most grocery stores.

All glass products.

Other Recycling Opportunities in Murray

Frequently Asked Questions about Murray Recycling

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